Easy Access and Navigation to the Rich Roll (@richroll) Podcasts


Update August, 2015

Google changed their minds and broke this technology. It is a shame. Click here to read about what they did to make this approach no longer work. You can still gain some insight to Rich’s podcasts by viewing my original article, but the easy navigation links are no longer valid. Sorry folks.


If you want to live a longer, healthier life, you need to read this article. There is a man named Rich Roll, who along with his wife Julie, are transforming the lives of many people. They live in California, but their plant-powered message is rapidly spreading around the world.

The Rich Roll Podcast

For the past 2.5 years or so, I’ve been listening to Rich’s podcasts about health, nutrition, sports performance, wellness, etc. He creates a weekly podcast (now there are 145 of them) that features in-depth conversations about a lot of different topics that impact the quality of our lives. The overall theme of the podcast is achieving better health and wellness by eating a plant-based diet coupled with exercise and a few other things. The conversations are never dull, they are very well directed by Rich, and in every episode there are a lot of things for us to learn.

My Belief

It is my belief that this assemblage of information is very important for me as I strive to live to 100 years old. I have a strong desire to see my 3 year-old son turn 50, so for this to happen, I have to live as healthy as I can. I cannot afford to do what I want to my body. I have to pay attention to the details, and the Rich Roll podcasts give me a way to keep current with nutrition, medicine, athletic performance, etc. The quality of the information contained in this podcast makes this series very valuable to me.

Organizing the Podcasts By Topic

For this reason, I have organized the podcasts by topic. Although it is not easy to place each conversation into only one bucket, I have done so with the intent of grouping information for rapid and easy retrieval.

Just as the structure of a written blog makes it hard to find information due to its serial nature of one article after another, a podcast series has the same lack of structure. To make it easy for me to find the information I need when I need it, I have grouped Rich’s podcasts into a number categories as shown in Figure 1.

These categories might change over time as I reorganize the information when new content becomes available. The links, however, will always contain the latest information from Rich, so be sure to bookmark this site.


Figure 1 – Rich Roll podcasts grouped by category. Click on this picture to launch the site.

Each of these categories has a collection of podcasts assigned to them. You can easily navigate through these categories and click on any of the links to launch the podcast that interests you. You simply hit the “Parent Folder” button to move between the folders. The podcast content from each category is shown below.



Figure 2 – The nutrition podcasts (other podcasts also have nutrition themes, but these are clearly nutrition-related).

Living Authentic

Living Authentic

Figure 3 – Living an authentic life.

Julie and Rich


Figure 4 – Episodes featuring Julie and Rich.



Figure 5 – Meditation topics. For additional meditation topics, some of the podcasts in the Rich and Julie category has additional information.



Figure 6 – Mostly medical doctors, with a lot of nutrition topics covered.



Figure 7 – Conversations with film-makers.


This category will likely be organized into triathlons, runners, cyclists, etc. For now, it is one big collection as shown in Figures 8 and 9.


Figure 8 – Athlete conversations, part 1.


Figure 9 – Athlete conversations, part 2.

High Performance


Figure 10 – High performance trainers, etc.



Figure 11 – The performers. If you never heard IN-Q do his thing, go listen to him now! The man is awesome.


This is my least well-defined bucket but features people with very keen insights into all kinds of things.


Figure 12 – Keen insights into various topics.

Overcoming Adversity and Transforming Their Lives

If you need inspiration to change your life, start with these stories. These cases are compelling, thought-provocing, and are sure to give you motivation for change.


Figure 13 – Overcoming adversity and transforming their lives.

2 thoughts on “Easy Access and Navigation to the Rich Roll (@richroll) Podcasts

  1. GREAT JOB!!!! I just started hearing rich podcast a month ago, and i was trying to catch up with the best podcast till now. This is a great way to select what you really want / need to hear most in the indicate moment!

    • Thanks Nacho. This technique of using bookmarks to organize information in this way is a new technology recently released by Google. I’m glad that you find it useful. The real brilliance of this blog post is stored is in Rich’s podcasts. His work is awesome and his guests are world-class.


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