DATA is to Life, as Math is to Science

I can’t even begin to express how deep this article is. It spans decades and it exploded from deep within my brain one day. My life and a long-term study of life is featured in this article.

The story is big, deep and more bloated than I wanted it to be, but sometimes that just happens. I tried but I was not able to cut it down to size without losing meaning. I think if you read it, it will be a thoughtful experience.

Temp Reading Difference

A Letter to George

This article started out as a comment to a comment to a comment. etc. I just got tired of this senseless series of personal attacks by a man named George. So instead of burying my response down deep in my comment section, I thought I’d raise the visibility up a bit so that people can see for themselves what can happen when a good deed gets transformed into a personal attack.