Why Rich Roll Kicks A$$ As A Podcast Host

Update Two Years Later (Sept 6, 2016)

This was the best performing article that I wrote as part of the 3danim8 blogging experiment. Now two years later, the content that I originally wrote is still valid. Rich is still, in my humble opinion, one of the best podcasters on planet earth.

Rich is a national treasure and the library of information he is creating is beneficial to every one of us. I implore everyone that is reading this article to go to Rich’s website and listen to one of his podcasts. You will thank me later. If you want to live a healthier, more productive life, subscribe to his podcast and begin learning.

There are now nearly 250 podcast episodes to choose from. This means that there is about 500 hours of listening for you, free of charge. I have listened to over 95% of them and I can tell you that each episode is worth your time. If you want to start with some excellent episodes, you can get to the list of them by clicking here.

Lastly, I’m going to be writing a major article on this body of work in the near future. This work has taken me many months to complete and will help guide you along your journey of lifestyle improvement. I would encourage you to subscribe to my blog via the email link given below so that you can get this article sent to you when it is finished.


One of the most influential people in my life is Rich Roll. I have never met Rich, but his tireless work has helped me learn how to live a healthier life. This blog post is my thank you to Rich for helping teach me how to lead a better life.

If you do not know who Rich Roll is, you are reading the right blog post. Even if you do know about Rich, you will find a useful resource at the end of this blog post to help you explore his podcasts. You can click here to go to his website. You can listen to his podcasts. You can follow him on Twitter and other social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Finally, you can read his book or take his courses at Mind Body Green.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to help yourself by listening to some of his 100+ podcasts. You can access these through Itunes or his new IOS app, or you can use the tool I provide in the last section of this blog post.  You will not be disappointed in the experience of listening to his work. You will learn about many topics that you probably do not know much about right now. The quality of your life, and in particular your health, will improve. I guarantee that you will laugh at times, especially in Episodes with John Joseph (warning: explicit language). Ultimately you will get inspired to improve your life and you will pass on his message just like I feel compelled to do by writing this blog post.

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Why Is Rich Such a Great Podcast Host?

Sometimes podcasts can be just a bunch of people trying to talk over the top of each other. Sometimes you listen to a podcast and wonder why you wasted your time listening to the episode because people ramble, there is no real cohesiveness in the broadcast, and the topics discussed are not necessarily that important. These issues generally do not happen on Rich’s podcasts.

Rich’s podcasts are targeted, specific, insightful, articulate, funny, and thought-provoking. Rich is very intelligent and he prepares for his guests by studying them, their work and their message. Rich chooses his guests carefully and he delivers a great interview because he understands how to stay on track with a guest and is well prepared. His humility, vocabulary and ability to conduct a good interview makes it very worthwhile to listen to his podcasts. Additionally, the majority of his guests are very interesting and offer to you a unique view of the world as they see it.

My Favorite Episodes

There have been many great episodes that I could list as my favorites. It is very hard to pick favorites because the majority of episodes are really worth listening to.  After listening to over 200 hours of podcasts, however, there are five episodes that I would definitely listen to again and would recommend to new listeners. My top five episodes are (in no particular order) 7, 44, 72, 79, and 94.  If you listen to these episodes, you will learn a lot.

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 Use These Tableau Dashboards To Find What Interests You

You can access all of the Rich Roll Podcasts by clicking here and using a Tableau Public workbook I have created to search for topics that interest you.  There are three dashboards and one worksheet that you can use in that workbook, as shown in the four tabs along the top of Figure 1.

Figure 1 - The Rich Roll Podcast Dashboards

Figure 1 – The Rich Roll Podcast Dashboards

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