The Joe Mako Collection


If you are familiar with either Tableau or Alteryx Software, chances are good that you have heard of Joe Mako. For me, Joe has been a friend of mine for a number of years. For this reason and because we collaborated through the years, he has been involved in several stories I have written. This is the Joe Mako Collection.


  1. How To Do Trend Modeling In #Alteryx - This is the second of a three part series showing how Tableau, Alteryx and Power BI can be used to perform trend modeling of data. In this article, Alteryx is used to perform the work.
  2. From @Alteryx Inspire 2017: How Joe Mako is an Analytics Virtuoso - Writing articles about really talented people is easy to do. My buddy Joe Mako is seriously talented and I show why this is the case in this article.
  3. The Secret of Joe Mako - Where do we derive inspiration and passion to help others? I think I now have a clearer picture in my mind of what makes Joe Mako do what he does. In this article, I will tell you a story to help you understand what I mean.
  4. Going Behind The Scenes Of 3danim8’s Blog - Introduction Writing a technical blog is challenging in many ways. Finding topics to include in your blog is just one of the challenges. This story helps elucidate this challenge from my perspective.
  5. The Effect That Joe Mako Has On Me, #Alteryx, and #Tableau - Introduction I had just hit the enter button to send the email. It was 12:21 am (just past midnight) and within five seconds the phone rang. My wife was lying in bed behind me, my phone was on the bedside table beside her and she says to me: “Who is that?”. Without any doubt of who…
  6. How to Work With Flat-File Dates in #Alteryx - This article includes a lot of tips for working with dates in Alteryx. The dates can be read from flat files but I also include some tips for reading dates from *.csv files.
  7. My Lessons Learned as a #Tableau Blogger, Part 2 - Introduction This is part 2 of my lessons learned as a Tableau Blogger. Part 1, which is a qualitative examination of Tableau blogging, can be read by clicking this link. 
  8. Additional Thoughts on the #Tableau Data Zone (Part 2) - Introduction A few days ago, I wrote about feeling like I was in the Tableau “Data Zone” and the confidence this has given me when working with a wide array of data. I really didn’t think anyone would read the post, but for some reason I was wrong. Every time I write something that seems to me…
  9. When is a “Set” Not a “Complete Set” in #Tableau? - Introduction I use the “set” functionality in Tableau for a lot of different things.  “Sets” are very useful to me and I am still trying to learning how to use them effectively in my work. Because there are multiple techniques for creating sets in Tableau, there might be better techniques available to control the set…