Tableau Vs Power BI

Series Overview

I am someone that can extract significant value from data. In that role, I call myself a data exploiter. At the same time, I have to continue to explore new and emerging technologies to make sure that I am always performing at my best. For this reason, I continue to test Tableau vs Power BI (PBI) to see if the new kid in town is something I should be using.

Since I have been a student and user of Tableau for over 9 years and a heavy-duty Microsoft user for over 30 years, I have an excellent perspective on how Microsoft is trying to close the gap on Tableau by developing new capabilities for Power BI. The next few paragraphs summarize my thoughts as I watch this race unfold.

The Power BI development team is frantically adding features to PBI that simply mimic what Tableau can already do. I see very little innovation in a product that is fundamentally boring to use.

PBI lacks versatility, stifles creativity, and does not have the allure that captivates Tableau users. No matter how hard Microsoft tries, I believe that PBI will not catch Tableau because the core principles from which Tableau emerged are simply better than the extended Excel framework from which PBI was born. I have never once felt a spark of excitement while using PBI but I have been set on fire hundreds of times when using Tableau because it allows me to express my creativity so easily.

Even with those statements being made, I still continue to watch, test, and compare these products in hopes that Microsoft can create something spectacular. I am also watching and learning from my co-workers as they are trying to make PBI-powered dashboards operate in a big enterprise setting. I hope one day to be able to report on those activities.

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