Math Modeling in Tableau



Little did I realize when I wrote these articles back in 2013 and 2014 that there would be a continuing multi-year interest in the mathematical models within Tableau. Maybe I should write more of them because the need is clearly evident.

The Articles

  1. Click here to better understand and use linear trend models in Tableau
  2. Click here for a help guide for better understanding all of Tableau trend models
  3. Click here for additional insight and clarification of Tableau exponential trend models
  4. Click here for thoughts on date aggregations and linear modeling with R in Tableau
  5. Click here to learn how to use #Tableau to clean your data using an iterative z-score approach
  6. Click here to learn about Tableau, correlations and scatter plots
  7. Click here to learn how to adjust a scatter plot trend line
  8. Click here to learn about X-bar and R charts with Tableau
  9. Click here to learn about drawing a finite-element grid in Tableau
  10. Click here to learn how to use mathematical modeling and Tableau to predict the flu.

There are other articles, so click here to find them by selecting the category of Tableau and the subcategory of Mathematics.