Short Tableau Stories


This is a collection of stories that are intended to be quick reads, with inspirational stories of data, Tableau and Alteryx. I hope you enjoy them. They are all true.

  1. A Short #Tableau Data Story – #1 (circa 1986) - Now over 30 years ago, the summer of 1986 was a fun one for me. In this short story, I relate some climate data back to my life, with the focus being on July 31, 1986.
  2. A Short #Tableau Data Story – #2 (circa 1985) - This is my second short Tableau data story. The theme is motorcycles and being a data dork. You have to read the article for proof of why I believe I am a naturally born data dork.
  3. A Short #Tableau Data Story – #3 (Circa 1996) - Determining how to characterize vehicle performance has been a life-long passion of mine, even if I didn't realize it until the second half of my working career. I have multiple examples of long-lasting data collection activities that point me in a certain direction. You must read the story to find out what that is.


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