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There are now 2 options for exploring 3danim8’s blog

Option 1 – You can click here to search the blog history for any word or groups of words. If I have used that word in the text of any article, those articles will be returned. You can directly launch any of those articles from the dashboards. This is the finest scale searching possible (click here for more info on the techniques used to create this search engine).


Option 1 – A Tableau-based word-search engine.

Option 2 – You can click here or on the picture below to view and explore the entire history of 3danim8’s analytics articles. You can launch any article directly from this dashboard. If you do a custom search in these dashboards, only the article titles are searched. Click here for a Google plus listing of articles.


Option 2 – A Tableau-based category/subcategory/title search engine


Instructional Video


This video shows the usage of Option 1.