The Series


This page contains a menu of articles that were written as part of a series. Within each series, the articles are organized in chronological order for easy reading.

The Series

  1. Climate Change Quantified
  2. Tableau Vs Power BI
  3. Data Comprehension
  4. The Tableau Data Zone
  5. Teaching Tableau
  6. Math Modeling In Tableau
  7. Blogging Experiment
  8. Tableau Short Stories
  9. Exiting My Comfort Zone
  10. My Tableau Voice

[Currently Under Construction]

  1. The Analysis of the 3danim8 Blogging Experiment
  2. Analysis of 1996 Nissan Maxima Car Performance
  3. Solving Tough Problems In Alteryx
  4. Technical Tableau Techniques
  5. Technical Alteryx Techniques