What Happens When @Google Removes A Great Software Tool


A few months ago, I used a relatively new Google bookmark manager technology to create my visual blog, as shown in Figure 1.This bookmark collection allowed me to navigate through my blog with the greatest of ease, which allowed me to quickly find the articles and content I wanted at the time. I was so happy with this development, that I wrote an article in April that discussed its virtues.


Figure 1 – The 3danim8 Visual Blog only lasted a few months

I loved this technology as it made it really easy for me to find things that I had written because I took the time to organize the articles into folders. This bookmark technology worked great for my application and I was very happy when I found out about the technology. Unfortunately, good things sometimes come to a close.

Saying Goodbye to 3danim8’s Visual Blog

Recently, I noticed a loss of functionality on the visual blog. I was no longer able to click on an article to view the content. After an exhaustive search to find out why this happened, I found this article (Figure 2) today, that describes why my Visual Blog stopped working. 


Figure 2 – Say goodbye to the visual bookmark manager.

Although the bookmark manager worked great for me to find things by organizing the content of my blog, a lot of people were really unhappy with this technology. There was a huge backlash against Google for developing this technology. I never knew that there could be so many technology cry-babies that could scream so loudly at once! This example just shows how it is not possible to please everyone, even with a really good and totally free idea!

What is Next?

Although I can still use my own personal copy of my visual blog, I can no longer publish the “public” collection of links to my work for others to use. Now my next task will be to work on a new technology to replace this version of the visual blog.

The good news is that I work with some great software developers and UI designers (Roy, Nathan, hint, hint) that I’ll asking to help me develop the next generation of 3danim8’s visual blog.

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