My Tableau Voice

Series Overview

In 10 years of using Tableau, I have learned a lot. I have also witnessed a lot of positive changes in people because of Tableau. I’ve seen a lot of personal growth through the demonstration of enthusiasm, confidence, and excitement about data visualization in Tableau. Most of all, I have seen a lot of great career changes happen to hard-working people that love Tableau.

When my friend Anya A’Hearn recently asked me to express my Tableau Voice, I struggled to find the right message for my voice. At first, I thought I  had the voice of a teacher. Then I thought I had the voice of a visualization historian. Then I thought I had the voice of a scientific visualization person.  Of course, all along, I knew I had the voice of a Tableau zealot.

After many attempts at explaining my voice, I stopped trying and let my instincts talk. What emerged surprised me and ended up as the three-part series shown below. I believe what I created in a 41-second, spontaneous video accurately represents my Tableau Voice.

My Tableau Voice

Part 1 – #MyTableauVoice

Part 2 – How Tableau is Transformative

Part 3 – Proof of How Tableau Has Transformed Careers