Me, My Wife, and #Tableau Data Stories

Introduction This is a story from today as my wife Toni and I were driving overnight from Knoxville, TN to Charleston, SC to hop on a cruise. At 2 am.or so, I looked over at her to tell her a story. This is how it went… Ken: There are about 101,000 weather monitoring stations around…

A Parent’s Survival Guide To Dental Braces

One day I heard a guy say that his brother had to wear “adult braces” after getting cracked in the mouth. Adult braces, I wondered, as I stood there as an adult wearing braces! I thought to myself that braces are braces, no matter how old you are when you are wearing them. They can hurt but they do great things for your smile. Hence, this article was born.

Do You Live In An Area Impacted By Global Warming?

This is a fun article. I created a Tableau dashboard that allows us to view 55 years of temperature data to see if global warming is impacting where we live. When you spend a little time using this tool, you will have a better appreciation of the variability of weather and the difficulty of concluding anything about global warming.