Three Aces Talk About The 2017 @Alteryx Inspire Conference



Whenever I’m tempted to tell a data story, my wife might intervene and tell me to slow down or even put a halt to it. She tells me that most people easily get bored listening to stories about data!

Sometimes I can’t resist and I tell the story anyway. She tolerates me in those cases because she knows the passion that I have for discovering the stories hidden in data and for the community of friends I have in analytics.

After hearing her objections for a few years, you would think that I’d get the hint and stop telling data stories! No way, Jose, that isn’t going to happen! Hence, this article was created because I had data stories to tell.

I Got Lucky After the Conference

A while back, I got lucky because a really sharp and engaging guy named Michael Treadwell of Interworks wrote to me and asked me if I would want to talk about the 2017 Inspire conference on an upcoming episode of “Podcast Your Data“. It took about 2 milliseconds for me to say yes, so one day we sat down and had a conversation.

If we were playing poker on the day of that conversation, we would have probably won the hand because we had three of a kind on the call. In fact, we had three Alteryx Aces (Cathy BridgesMike, and me ) on the call to chat about our Inspire experiences and the emergence of total analytics badassery.



I appreciated the opportunity to talk about Inspire and to share my insights and emotions that occurred during that time in Vegas.  If you are ever thinking about attending a big analytics conference, listen to this podcast and it will help you make your decision. Once you get Alteryx fever, you will be hooked and the decision will be automatic.




I also want to thank Mike and Cathy for sharing the experience of making this podcast with me. I also want to thank the Interworks company and staff for giving me this opportunity and producing the podcast. These things do not happen often, but when they do, they are enjoyable and memorable.

The Podcast

Click here or the picture to access the podcast.


Scenes from 2017 Inspire Conference In Las Vegas





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