How The VizPainter Blazes #Tableau Trails

The VizPainter has delivered another masterpiece. This trail-blazing Tableau master used a shape file that had a time series history of the United States to win the most recent Iron Viz Competition against some amazing Tableau artists.

Me, My Wife, and #Tableau Data Stories

Introduction This is a story from today as my wife Toni and I were driving overnight from Knoxville, TN to Charleston, SC to hop on a cruise. At 2 am.or so, I looked over at her to tell her a story. This is how it went… Ken: There are about 101,000 weather monitoring stations around…

Do You Live In An Area Impacted By Global Warming?

This is a fun article. I created a Tableau dashboard that allows us to view 55 years of temperature data to see if global warming is impacting where we live. When you spend a little time using this tool, you will have a better appreciation of the variability of weather and the difficulty of concluding anything about global warming.