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Now in late April, 2016, I am about to publish a new series of articles that contain the results of the 2.5 year long, 3danim8 blogging experiment.

Before doing so, I’m trying to publish articles that have been sitting int the Draft section of my blog. This is one of those articles. Fair warning: There is a lot of content in this article, and the content will be found in over 30 videos.


I teach the topic of Tableau according to the ways in which I understand and use the tool. My courses focus on fundamentals in several categories.  These fundamentals include:

  • Data types, structures, conversions and pre-processing methods;
  • Tableau definitions, behaviors, operations and quantitative techniques;
  • Problem definitions, solution techniques, and visual presentation of results;

Since I typically only have 3 days to teach how to effectively use Tableau in a business setting, I have created videos that show the various fundamentals in the context of how I use Tableau. These videos are intended to help my students continue to learn Tableau after they leave the courses I teach.

This article is simply a collection of videos that contain some of the core fundamentals as well as other applied examples I have published in this blog. There are also videos in this collection that I have never published in this blog.

These videos were all originally made in an ad-hoc fashion over several years. I did not write scripts for them and I generally did not edit them once they were made. Sometimes I might have used the wrong word like “blend” when I meant to say “join”. Usually there were not too many mistakes in any one video, but I determined a long time ago that I did not have the time to correct simple mistakes like these.

For Tableau purists, I apologize if I used the wrong term because my brain was forming the next paragraph in real-time so that I could finish the video and get back to other things I was supposed to be doing. I now offer this video collection to anyone wanting to know more about Tableau and/or Alteryx in some cases. I plan on doing an Alteryx video collection in the near future.

The 3danim8 Video Collection

Simple Data Blend

Simple Data Join

Multi-Field Search

Top N Example

Top N and Others Example in Alteryx

Conditioning Alteryx For the Data Types You Have In a CSV File

Creating and Using Sets

Multi-Measure Scatter Plots Using Parameters

Showing Every Nth  Data Point


 My Tableau Story

Using Tableau as An Image Viewer

Animating 3D Data in Tableau

 A Special Counting Technique In Tableau

Reshaping Multi-Measure Data

Reshaping Mid-Size Data

Weekday and Weekend Bucket Example

Cleaning Data With Iterative Z-Score Approach

Finding Tableau Information On Twitter

Reusing a Tableau Workbook

First Usage of Tableau With Amazon Redshift

Adding Latitude and Longitude To Your Tableau Data Files

Deficiency in the Axis Scaling When Using the Pages Shelf in Tableau

Changing Text Fields into Hyperlinks in Excel


Here is another article related to extracting hyperlinks from Excel cells.


Downloading Daily Blogging Activity From WordPress

Processing Global Travel Data

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Statement of the Problem

Part 3: Whiteboarding the Algorithm

Part 4: Building Alteryx Workflow

Part 5: Visualizing Results in Tableau


Triggering Internet Actions In Dashboards

Creating a Series of 3-Month Buckets

The 3danim8 YouTube Tableau Videos


Using Tableau as a Graphical Post-Processor for a Custom Program 


The Rich Roll Plantpower Dashboard


Creating Pareto Charts in Tableau


Using Tableau to Clean A Harddrive


Tableau Buckets – Training Part 1


Tableau Buckets – Training Part 2


Using Tableau to Evaluate Groundwater Remediation History


Using Tableau for Correlations and Scatter Plot Techniques – Part 1


Using Tableau for Correlations and Scatter Plot Techniques – Part 2


Tableau Moving Average and Moving Range Control Charts – Part 1


Tableau Moving Average and Moving Range Control Charts – Part 2


Using Tableau to Visualize Rainfall Over Lake Okeechobee – Part 1


Using Tableau to Visualize Rainfall Over Lake Okeechobee – Part 2


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  1. Excellent video. I would be thankful if you have any dashboard created in Health care such ED readmission and others

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