The Secret of Joe Mako



Joe Mako is my buddy and I hope he doesn’t mind me writing this story. I am going to see him next week in Las Vegas. I am hoping to have a conversation with him about some work that he recently did. I also need to introduce him to my wife Toni so that he can apologize to her for keeping me and her awake by making me buzz all night long about a year ago.

If you have 11 minutes to listen, I’m going to tell you a story that I think uncovers the secret of Joe Mako. It is a bit unorthodox in the way I tell the story because I pull a lot of seemingly disconnected pieces together to tell the story. It also has taken me 8 or 9 years to understand the man and to be able to tell this story. If you are patient enough to take 11 minutes to watch the video below, you will gain an insight into what makes Joe Mako, the one and only Joe Mako.


Figure 1 – Joe Mako is built like people from a different time and place.

The Secret of Joe Mako


By connecting with others, we are able to have a deeper connection with ourselves. The more we share, the more we gain. – Joe Mako, October 8, 2015

2 thoughts on “The Secret of Joe Mako

  1. Ken, I absolutely loved this entry. In your praise for Joe, you were also sharing so much of your mind (which was excellent knowledge) with your audience–which I thought was absolutely inspiring and refreshing. I’m not able to understand all the technical aspects of your blog (hopefully I will one day!), but I am thoroughly enjoying your writing, one entry at a time. It’s succinct, yet descriptive–and every word has its purpose. I had the pleasure of having several conversations with Joe at Inspire, and I was endlessly impressed by his humble mind and depth. Thanks so much for sharing!

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