The Deep Dive

What is the Deep Dive?

I have included examples of my work, presentations I have given, and other things I have created like computer programs. I just wanted to have a place where I could store miscellaneous information so that I could direct people to the content when the time was right for them.

Regional Simulation Model Documentation and Technical Review (Circa 2005)

  1. The Hydrologic Simulation User’s Guide: The User’s Guide
  2. The Regional Simulation Model Theory Manual: The Theory Manual
  3. The RSM Benchmark Guide: Benchmark and Validation Tests

My Tableau Journey As Presented to Tableau Staff in Austin, TX (Circa 2015)


The Extraordinary Life of W. Edwards Deming (Circa 2017)

Animations are used in this presentation, so you have to hit the space bar to advance through it. There is a video on page 10 and you will have to hit the play button, which will emerge if you mouse-over the lower left corner near the word Time Series.

Demings Lifetime


Comprehending Global Climate Change (Circa 2017)

Ken Discusses Using Alteryx to Comprehend Climate Change (June 2017)

Ken Discusses Changing Temperature Patterns (Circa 2017)

How To Become a Data Scientist by Controlling A Neural Network (Circa 2016)


Having Some Geospatial Fun With Alteryx and Tableau To Produce a Tableau Teaching File (Circa 2015)


Using Google Maps to Visualize Unusually Long Drive Distances (Circa 2016)


Creating Multi-Measure Scatter Plots in Tableau (Circa 2016)

Groundwater Animations (Cira early 2000’s)


Using Tableau as a Graphical Post-Processor Via Custom Excel VBA Programming (Circa 2010)


A Variety of Interactive Dashboards Stored on Tableau Public

Click here to visit my Tableau Public website.




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