A Short #Tableau Data Story – #3 (Circa 1996)

Determining how to characterize vehicle performance has been a life-long passion of mine, even if I didn’t realize it until the second half of my working career. I have multiple examples of long-lasting data collection activities that point me in a certain direction. You must read the story to find out what that is.

How To Do Trend Modeling In #Tableau

This is the first of a three part series showing how Tableau, Alteryx and Power BI can be used to perform trend modeling of data. After these three demonstrations are complete, a competition using worldwide data will be completed to see which software platform performs the best on completing this type of work.

How To Connect #Tableau to #Teradata Aster Databases

I first tried this extensive, multi-step procedure outlined in this Tableau knowledge base article about installing Teradata drivers, but I was not able to complete the connection. If you want to try it, go ahead and bang your head against the wall for a while. Otherwise, if you want to experience less pain, you might just try the three step procedure shown below.