The picture below (Figure 1) proves that I tried to make about a dozen normal videos. What I learned in the process is that I suck at making videos. What is important, however, is that I can use my Tableau Voice of wisdom to help people learn to use Tableau. If I didn’t believe that message, I wouldn’t have buried myself for almost 5 years writing this blog.

Finally, in the video, I mentioned that young people need to learn Tableau. I was wrong. Age doesn’t matter. Even if you are in the second half of your working career like I am, learn Tableau.



Photos - Google Photos - Google Chrome 222018 35139 PM

Figure 1 – I tried many times to make a sensible video. I didn’t like any of them.






Figure 2 – I’m not a video maker. A man must know his limitations.

Part 2 – How Tableau is Transformative

Click here to read part 2 of this series.

4 thoughts on “#MyTableauVoice

    • Hi Alexander,

      Thanks for the vote of confidence, but you are being too kind!

      Now, let’s. get down to something special. Your blog is packed full of really cool stuff. Your Tableau creativity is exploding, much like Ken Flerlage. You guys are rocking the mathematics and Tableau theme.

      Keep up the great work because it is really fun to see such creativity. Your recent fractal article is a work of art. I have no idea how you managed to create that type of approach. I played with Joshua’s Serpenski triangles last year. I understood what he did because I used to work with fractals a long, long time ago. Your approach, however, is a mind-blower. I’ll have to do some deep thinking to follow that mojo.



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