My #Alteryx17 Climate Change Presentation



Today was a special day. I was able to present a synopsis of my three years worth of work on global climate change at the 2017 Alteryx Inspire conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Despite having the projection system malfunction so that my presentation could not be recorded in the way that others were recorded, I managed to take that in stride and give the presentation to a room full of fantastic people, despite having waves of emotion that periodically threatened to de-rail my talk.

After completion, I received some incredible questions that made me get goosebumps. The line of people that wanted to talk to me afterward was the most humbling experience of my life!  I have never had that happen before and I will always cherish and remember this experience.

Thank you to everyone that came to listen to me tell this story. I really appreciate it.

The Presentation


I have also uploaded a Powerpoint Show version of the presentation. Since I used animations in this file, you have to hit the space bar to advance through the slides. By clicking on the blue link below, the presentation should be downloaded to your computer so that you can view it. If you have any problems with this, please let me know.

Comprehending Climate Change with Alteryx

Final Thoughts

Climate change is one very hot topic these days (pun intended). For me, the room I was in kept heating up throughout the talk due to stress and emotion.

The presentation didn’t start off well because the video system failed and my presentation could not be recorded, as was intended. For about 10 minutes, it was not even possible for us to project anything. After five awesome audio/visual guys blasted in the room, they removed a system component and had to do a direct HDMI wire from the laptop to the projector. This made it impossible to record the session. Despite this, I did my best to focus on the story.

Luckily, I’ve learned how to handle this type of adversity. When faced with such a situation, I realize that I can only control my part of the event. I let the support crew do their magic and then I tried present the talk as if nothing happened. I hope I succeeded.

4 thoughts on “My #Alteryx17 Climate Change Presentation

  1. Like I said before, “you are so cool and I’m not even mad about it’. I think this type of independent work about our planet needs to keep happening.

    I’ve decided to take a similar path, I’ll be sending you my findings when I can


    • Diego,

      Meeting you was one of my highlights of the 2017 Inspire conference. I really appreciated the card, and I carry it around with me to prove to my wife that I am not such a data dork all the time! When I was a kid, my big brother and all of his friends used to call me “Kenny Cool”. Receiving that card from you brought me back to my roots, and for that, I really appreciated it.

      Thanks again!


  2. Hi Ken. I read your presentation and appreciate your work. This is a great analysis. Your analysis should be known and will be beneficial to many people. I am trying to learn Tableau by the way using your data and tool.


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