How I Use #Alteryx and #Tableau to Comprehend Climate Change



I recently had the privilege of giving a presentation at the Tableau Customer Success Summit in Austin, TX. I talked about how I work with weather data in Alteryx and Tableau and how I use this data to comprehend changing climactic conditions.

As with many things I do, I decided to share this information in this article. I recreated the talk to allow me to look back at my current insights at some time in the future.

I do this because it helps me see the progress I am making in learning about this complicated topic. Since I am a neophyte in this field, I need some way of gauging my progress and my comprehension of this phenomenon. Since I plan to continue working with this data, I want to document what I now believe to see if it changes in the future.



If you live on planet earth, you might take a few minutes to watch this talk. I think it will give you some insights on how weather and climate are changing during our lives.


The Presentation


My presentation was not recorded, so this is the best I can offer. I hope you take the time to watch this because there are some really interesting findings included.

Final Thoughts

Although my wife Toni recently shut me down when I tried to talk to her about this topic, I got my revenge because she was with me as I delivered the talk!  Sometimes revenge is sweet!



I do believe that she might have even enjoyed the information because she wrote about me on Facebook, as shown below!



Finally, I’ll be discussing the details of how I process the data at the upcoming Alteryx Inspire conference in Las Vegas, NV, in June 2017.  This work would not have been possible and it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without Alteryx. I believe that there are many more truths embedded in this data and it will take people like us to work through the information to uncover what is happening.

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