Andy Kriebel and the Chicago Bears Crack Me Up Again!



Andy Kriebel is one consistent dude. I have had my fair share of laughs with him through the years, including my infamous Tableau love affair article, in which Andy’s expertise helped me conclusively proved how sex can help sell an article!

If you don’t believe that he is consistent, just watch the silly video below to see why I made that statement. Andy is the KING of makeovers, and it goes way back before Makeover Monday.

The Chicago Bears Futile Decision Making Continues

During the video, you probably noticed how I had to laugh at the futility of the Chicago Bears coaches and managers, as they have decided to bring in Mark Sanchez to back-up a relatively unproven quarterback (Mike Glennon) for the upcoming 2017 season.

These brilliant thought-leaders of the Bears had to get rid of Cutler (click here to review his career) because of his propensity for poorly-timed turnovers! Even Cutler’s wife tried the “sex-sells” approach by showing his hind-quarters on her instagram site!


Apparently, it didn’t work, because Jay is still without a job and is now announcing he is NOT mulling retirement – “He Wants To Play Football!” (although Kristin did get nearly 40,500 likes on the picture!).


I’m wondering if it is a good decision to have Sanchez help coach the new quarterback! If so, Sanchez needs to teach Glennon how NOT TO MAKE 50 turnovers next year!  LOL.

Maybe the Bears need to hire someone who actually knows how to do analytics? Maybe they can hire me and Andy to help them interpret their data and to remind them that past performance is a pretty good indicator of future performance!

The Best of Tableau Blogs

Click here to visit the Best of Tableau Dashboard.  There is a lot of great content linked in that workbook.

Final Thoughts

Andy, thanks to you and the Chicago Fears Coaching Staff (intentional misspelling), I had a good laugh today.  Now that I think about it, I bet Kristin’s message in posting that picture of Jay is this:

Chicago Bears, you can Kiss my Ass!

At the same time, I bet Jay was standing there thinking: “I’ve got my wanger whipping in the wind – what could be better than this?”

For the record, I am a Jay Cutler Fan. I think the dude is smart, funny and is a great athlete. He’ll probably get picked up by some team that has a catastrophic QB injury in the pre-season and then be comeback player of the year as he leads the team to the super bowl. That is just the way it works in the NFL (Ninkinpooks Feigning Logic).

Update 4/28/17 – Two Days after Original Publication

Although my wife doesn’t think I am a soothsayer about planet earth, just maybe I am a soothsayer about the NFL, and in particular, the Chicago Bears.

The Chicago Fears Coaching Staff and GM Ryan Pace, exhibited Fear in the face of adversity last night during the NFL Draft. Let me recount for you what happened by asking you to click this link.



I couldn’t have said it any better myself.


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