You Must Watch Gleason



There are no words I can use to explain to you how much you need to watch the movie/documentary Gleason.

It is beautiful, inspiring, heart-breaking, and is the epitome of how to live life to the fullest.

All you have to do is set-up a couple of hours without interruption, hit Amazon Prime videos, and watch this magnificent man and wife tackle seemingly endless hardships with so much courage and conviction that it will lift your spirits to new heights. The movie is simply beautiful. Their story is hard-hitting and it is real life.

Thank You Steve and Michel

Steve Gleason, thank you for sharing your drive to survive and the wisdom that you have gained during your time on earth. You are truly special in so many ways. Michel – thank you so much, too. I want some of your amazing art!  You two are simply inspirational.

I hope one day that my little boy, Jett Black, who was born on 9/1/11 (about a month before Rivers) will get a chance to meet him. They are both “all boy”.

That is what dads do. They pass the best of themselves to their kids.- Steve Gleason



Final Thoughts

Please visit the Team Gleason website for more information on ALS and this amazing organization. I now know where Jett’s next charitable contribution will be going…


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