The 1976-1977 Lincoln Junior High Yearbook



I was in 8th grade when this yearbook was made. Although that was 40 years ago, in some respects it seems like the events happened a few hours ago.

I especially remember being auctioned off on the stage at one of our events like a “soc- hop”, as shown on page 6 (Figure 1). Since I was a part of the student council, I had to be auctioned-off to the highest bidder. I remember having to spend some time working for the highest bidder. Apparently I was sold to “the lady in blue!”. I hope my work was good and I was worth it!



Figure 1 – Ken gets auctioned off to the “lady in blue”.

Get Your Copy

Apparently in 2013, I scanned this yearbook into pdf form. If you want to download a copy for yourself, click this link.  I doubt that I’ll be violating any copyright laws with this post!

To all my former classmates, I hope everyone is doing well and happy holidays.

Ken Black

Roswell, GA 12/20/16

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