The Wim Hof (@Iceman_Hof) Quick Reference Guide



I don’t usually write about other people unless they are very special. Such is the case with this article.

Wim Hof is a regular guy with some amazing insights into human potential. Forget the fact that he holds 26 world records. Ignore his moniker of the “Ice Man”. Wim is a guy that you need to be introduced to so that you can learn how to improve your capabilities as a human being.

Just trust me when I tell you that you need to listen to Wim talk about what he has discovered about our ability to control our own bodies. Just listen to one of the podcasts or watch one of the videos shown in the links provided below. You will learn so much and be totally fascinated with Wim, just like I have been.


Fair Warning – You are going to be hooked by Wim.


Quick References


Discover Magazine: Can Breathing Like Wim Hof Make Us Superhuman?








Just click on the link given below.

Rogan Podcast Episode 712






Just click the link given below:

Rich Roll Podcast #231



















My Experience With Deep Breathing and Human Performance

The adrenaline release only occurred after I introduced a lot of oxygen into my body and I felt the flight or fight fear kick-in. Essentially, I gobbled up air until adrenaline was released. Once that occurred, I was physically ready for the lift.

Click this link to learn more about what I discovered a long time ago.


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