I Try to Inspire Because I Have Been Inspired By Alteryx


A Letter to Alteryx

Today, while recovering from this 3-day blast to my systemI suddenly found myself being launched out of my chair!

I received a generic email from Alteryx with some information about their recent conference, including video links. After a few minutes of watching the video of the keynote address, it happened.

To understand what I mean, please watch the very short video below. This segment from the 21st minute of the 2016 Alteryx Inspire Keynote Address, which you can watch in its entirety by clicking the blue link.

I don’t believe I have ever been more proud, humbled, and appreciative to have received such a public compliment from someone that I admire so much. With that statement, Dean validated my blogging mission in a way that I never expected could happen. Wow. Thank you very much, Dean.


Dean, Libby, Ned and so many tremendous individuals on the Alteryx staff provide inspiration to me on a daily basis. Thanks to all of you for creating the opportunity for me to explore data and uncover great insights hidden within! It is their work and passion that gives me the motivation and courage to do the things I do.


With much love and sincerity,


P.S.  I knew that Dean had said something about me during his address because my friends Joe Mako and Jonathan Drummey each sent me a email after Dean spoke those words. However, since I was not in attendance, I had no idea what he said or how he said it. I had no idea that I would feel such exhilaration upon seeing that clip. Those few seconds were such a special treat that was for me today that I cannot stop thinking about how to create my first 3-day Alteryx training course. Hit the wall, baby, hit the wall!



Simply More Inspiration…

3 thoughts on “I Try to Inspire Because I Have Been Inspired By Alteryx

  1. So sincere and true… “you need to read Ken Black’s Alteryx blog”. That’s so wonderful Ken! Congrats.

    • Kelly,

      I had my recent Tableau class locked onto your blog earlier this week when I was demonstrating the best of the best dashboards. Your work continues to set a high standard of excellence and inspiration.

      Thanks much,


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