Yes, Working at GM is Great Fun!


This is Part 2 of my series of why GM is such a great company and why it is fun to work here. The Part 1 article from early last year can be viewed by clicking here. More examples will be added to this article over time.

First, you must understand that to work in advanced analytics at GM, you have to be able to “Visualize the Magic”, as I was explaining to my 4-year old the other day. You have to look forwards and backwards in time to do descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics. It also helps a lot if you know how to perform the magic in Alteryx and Tableau!

More Examples From GM

High Speed Driving in a Corvette (With Your Boss!)

I am including this first example because I need to determine how I can be one of the participants in this event!  Woo-hoo!  Click here to watch the video of this fun-filled day at the track.

Employee Engagement Meets Race Track Chevrolet - YouTube - Google Chrome 672016 11433 PM

Figure 1 – High speed driving of a corvette. Click on picture to see the video.

Rear Seat Reminder: IT’s about Time!

Click here or on Figure 2 to read about how GM is now offering a rear-sear reminder on the 2017 Acadia. How many more tragic cases of “I forgot my kid in the back seat!” do we have to witness before doing something about IT? GM IT is doing something about IT!


Figure 2 – The rear-seat reminder technology being offered on the Acadia.

Fun Stuff From Home and GM

The Jett Black Experiment continues…here are some insights.

20160405_145534 20160426_104018 20160510_132718 20160514_231525 20160514_232602 20160514_232613 20160515_121523 20160515_122524 20160516_095558 20160516_170611 20160519_142817 20160519_192035 20160519_195719 20160520_212040 20160603_180701 20160603_181808 20160604_155938 20160604_161013 20160604_161203 20160604_201036 20160604_201510 20160604_202037 20160605_115740 20160605_121121 20160605_121138 Jett_Paintings Resized_20160518_173825 Resized_20160518_173849


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