Processing Global Travel Data With #Alteryx and #Tableau – A Video Blog


On Saturday, Chas and Ken (Figure 1) got together to learn a little bit about Alteryx and Tableau. We decided to create a video blog of the experience. Included in this article are a series of videos that take you along for the journey of discovery. We decided to process global travel data to show how a complex situation can be turned into beautiful visualizations by using Alteryx and Tableau. We hope you enjoy the show!

Ken and Chas

Figure 1 – Chas Latch III (left) and Ken Black (right) work together in Austin, TX on July 25, 2015.

Problem Definition

Meet Chas

Whiteboarding the Problem

Make Travel Data Anonymous

Build Alteryx Workflow

Visualize Results in Tableau

Final Thoughts

The data we used for this example was transformed in big ways by Alteryx. Figure 2 shows the initial data definition, including the travel itinerary field in column F. This field was parsed using regular expressions and transposed in one operation in Alteryx. This is simply stunning and very efficient.


Figure 2 – Initial data set before modifications in Alteryx.

The Alteryx workflow shown in Figure 3 is what we developed over the course of 2 hours. That fact that this amount of work can be done so easily still amazes me.


Figure 3 – The Alteryx workflow for transforming the data shown in Figure 2 to the data shown below in Figure 4.

The final data set is shown in Figure 3. Notice that the two records shown in Figure 2 now occupy six records. Additional details have been added such as travel path, travel distance along the path and cumulative distance traveled. The 91,000 trips contained in the data expanded to over 300,000 records. It took Alteryx 14 seconds to process that data set, to write an Excel file and a Tableau TDE file. Wow. End of Story.


Figure 4 – Final data set sent to Tableau to create the visualizations shown previously. The data set was created by the Alteryx workflow shown in Figure 3.

Part 2 – The Story Behind the Story

Click here to watch Part 2 of this series.

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