Jett’s First Hair Styling Appointment at America’s Best Barbershop


Yesterday was a fun day because I took Jett to get his first official hair style. He just turned three last month and I thought it was time for him to experience Frank’s barbershop.

Frank’s barbershop is located in Knoxville, TN and was voted as America’s best barbershop in 2011 and 2012. I’d vote for it in 2014! The friendly people and the setting made Jett’s first experience memorable, as you can see in the slideshow below. Any time you can trade an hour of your time, $25, and a few smartphone electrons for a lifetime of memories, it has to be considered a great day.

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Scenes From Frank’s Barbershop

Talent in Action

Google is Cool

When you use Google + and have it back-up your mobile device pictures, it automatically creates stories when it finds a series of pictures in a certain period of time. I don’t know how it does this but it is cool.  Here is a link to what was automatically created for this event. There embedded video clips and pictures joined together to form a short story.   Google is cool.

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