Breaking Bad 2.0

“Why ask the question, if you aren’t going to follow the directions?”


This post is not what you think it is going to be.  This has nothing to do with the critically-acclaimed show of a similar title.  That show was brilliant and ended with Badfinger’s “Baby Blue“.  This post contains nothing but pure, unadulterated badness created by my Baby Blue-Eyed Boy.


Mr Jett Black, Summer 2013

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What is Breaking Bad 2.0?

Breaking Bad 2.0 is an anthology of my attempts to teach my 2-year-old, Mr. Jett Black, how to break his bad habits.  The opportunities for correction happen all the time, every day.  To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here is a few minute review of our trip to Costco last night:

Bad 1.0 (first 30 seconds) – Jett takes the white board markers that the Direct TV guy gave him to draw with, runs around the corner and starts writing all over the boxes of $800 Bose home speakers.

Bad 1.5 (next 30 seconds) – Jett takes off his shoes, hides them under a pallet, runs down the isle, runs right out of his shorts, and comes back gleefully screaming and holding his shorts!  Luckily he didn’t drop his diaper, which is typical for him to do.

Bad 2.0 (next minute or two) – The store is closing, lights are shutting off.  We run to the back of the store to get blackberries and raspberries.  Jett wants to hold the blackberries.  I give them to him, tell him to not open the package until we leave the store.  I turn around, he opens the package, and blackberries fly everywhere. He jumps, blackberries explode, little blackberry footprints leave the scene of destruction with a totally happy baby boy squealing with delight.

What can you say? If you are a parent, you have probably been here, done that, … What follows is photographic evidence of Breaking Bad 2.0.

The Photographic Evidence


The Tattoo Artist with a pen



The Tattoo Artist yielding a sharpie



The chocolate bomb, part 1

The chocolate milk bomb, part 1


The chocolate milk bomb, part 2

The chocolate milk bomb, part 2




The camera throw (luckily only the filter was broken)




The unlucky charms



After he “painted” himself and his clothes with toothpaste, he decided to paint his hair with oatmeal.



The wall artist, part 50 or so


I am sure there will be more to come until we manage to teach him to break these bad habits!

Update Mid-May 2014

Jett threw a plastic Easter egg in to the toilet and flushed it before I could snag it out of the bowl. Clog city. Remove toilet a couple of days later, have Jett see that his egg caused the problem and hope that he learned a lesson!





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