Here is one of my secret weapons in learning #Tableau techniques


Blogs are one of the best sources for learning Tableau techniques that I have found.  A couple of the problems with using Blogs as a learning tool, however, is that they are scattered throughout the web and they are not published on a routine schedule. Unless you are really diligent in subscribing to the blogs of interest and you go visit them routinely, you end up missing opportunities for learning.  Since I have limited time for perusing information, I had to find a way to condense the blog content into something that I can quickly read and assimilate.

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The Solution

Go to this website, create an account, and add your favorite Tableau bloggers to your account.  The Feedly application will use the RSS feeds from the blogger websites to create a magazine specifically for you to review the latest Tableau-specific techniques.  To see how I did this, watch the video below.  To download my example xml file, click here.   You can use this file to get started quickly. However, there are still great Tableau based blogs out there for me to add to the file, so don’t stop with what I’ve provided! There is a lot more to learn from the sites I haven’t yet added.  It’s simple, fast, effective, and actually a very cool application.

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