Using #Tableau to Learn More About #Plantpower Nutrition (thanks @richroll)

Rich Roll (and his wife Julie Piatt) have been the best teachers I’ve had in a very long time.  Rich is amazing and continues to deliver incredible content to many people through his podcasts, Twitter activitieswebsite and his book Finding Ultra.

What makes Rich amazing is that he creates a lot of information for us either directly or indirectly, which makes him very special.  He directly creates information through items such as his new course on plant-based nutrition, and he also creates information by having awesome podcast guests that really deliver the goods. Every podcast that he has created has lead me on a journey for more information, which is both a direct and indirect method that delivers content to me. It is rare that this happens for me, therefore Rich is a game-changer in my life.

To further explore plant-based nutrition, I have started a study that tracks the Twitter activity centered around the term #Plantpower.  This is a term coined by Rich and I believe it has mass appeal.  I’m willing to bet that Rich will sell a lot of T-shirts like the one he is wearing below once they become available.


To learn a little about how I track the Twitter activity for the term #plantpower, you can click here to watch a Youtube video that gives some insight to the processes used.  To directly access the dashboards shown in the video, click this link.  These are live dashboards that you can query for your own purposes. I will periodically update/expand the dashboards to track the spread of the #plantpower message over time, so check back in the future to see what has happened to the message.  As more people get the #plantpower message, this term will continue to spread across the social media channels.  Thanks for all your work, Rich Roll.  You are making a difference in the lives of many people.


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