Viz gone wrong – they should have used #Tableau!

Today (8/8/13), CNN Money posted a story about Golfers and the “Major Money” they make by winning Major tournaments.  Conceptually the visualization is very good but the execution is just OK (I can think of a few improvements). The biggest problem: the data is WRONG!  Check it out for yourself by clicking here!  They should have used Tableau!

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Do you think Tiger has made only $770,000 in his 14 Major wins?  I believe that he makes more than that for each win!


Compare him to Phil, who has earned over $6.3M by winning five majors!


Someone should have checked the Viz before publishing!

A note to the publisher.  Click here to find the solution to your data visualization woes:

Notes to myself.  1.  Check back later today to see if they managed to fix this. (Four people worked on the viz)  2. Send them a link to this post if they have not fixed the problem.  3. Report Tiger Woods to the IRS because he is clearly paying someone off at CNN Money to under-report his career earnings!


The viz was fixed by 9:30 am, or about a half-hour after I wrote the blog originally. I knew that Tiger earned a cool million or more per Major win!


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