Using #Tableau to See Who is Tweeting About Tableau!

You can click here to see a Tableau dashboard that allows you to see who has been writing about Tableau on Twitter over time.  The data embedded in this visualization has been captured using the Twitter API, and another post will be written about how that is done.  You can search on any term you would like. In the basic set-up, I’m searching on the #Tableau hashtag.

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In the upper panel of this dashboard, you can click on the Twitter ID to access the author’s Twitter profile to learn more about them. On the lower panel, you can access any of their tweets by directly clicking on them.  The date slider filter can be used to restrict the time view of the data, and the search box can be used to change the hashtags or terms that you might want to search. The hashtag #Tableau is used by default, but there are many other topics included in the database.  For more information on other hashtags that can be used, click here for a previous post that gives more information on the content of this database.

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