Using #Tableau to Visualize Our Kids’ Growth Curves


OK.  I’ll admit it.  I was a slacker for many years

However, now I’m trying to better!


Figure 1 – Sarah, Colton and Jett.


























The Long-Term Data Collection Project

I could have started this data collection project as early as late 1996, but I waited until early 2001 to begin the project.  That is why I was a slacker.  I still am mad at myself for not thinking about the project sooner.  What I should have started measuring was the heights of our kids as they grew.

By the time I thought about it, Sarah was already 8 and Colton was 5.  I met my wife in 1996 and at that time she had two kids (Sarah 2.5 and Colton about 1).  I guess I was too busy getting to know them to think about measuring their heights.

In any event, I started recording their heights on one of the basement door frames – just like you see in the movies.  This frame was an entry way into my woodworking shop, so I always had tape measures handy to record the data when I needed to.

I started an Excel worksheet in 2002 to record the data and I still continue to use it today.  Now we have a third child, Mr Jett Black (21 months old), and he is now in the database.  I guess I have another 18 years of data left to collect, which will extend my data collection project up to 30 years!

Here is a link to a Tableau Public worksheet that contains a few worksheets to visually analyze the data.

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