#Tableau Fever – How do you know if you have it?

Growing up in Chicago, there were a few times that I had fevers.  The fevers were particularly bad when it was cold outside because my body couldn’t stop shaking due to the abnormal temperature imbalance between me and the air.  However, I don’t think I ever had anything as bad as the fever I have now.  It’s called Tableau Fever.


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I don’t know if you have heard of it or not, but once you get it, it is hard to get rid of.  You find yourself thinking about it and dealing with it all the time.  You see data, you think Tableau.  You see ugly charts that need revision, you think Tableau.  You see great data that needs to be expressed visually, you think Tableau.  The only accurate clinical diagnosis is the following.  If you track your usage of Tableau like I have done here, you definitely have Tableau Fever!


The primary problem with Tableau Fever is that it lasts for years!  Once you catch it, it won’t go away.  You find yourself dealing with it every day, waiting for the next version of Tableau to invade your body.  The only way to make yourself feel better, is to find some data and visualize it with Tableau.  The satisfaction you get from this alleviates the symptoms for a while, until the next wave of fever hits.  Trust me on this one, there is no other treatment than this, so you find yourself in an infinite loop of using Tableau and then charting your usage of Tableau.  It’s like a pandemic spreading around the earth – will it peak or not is the only question.  Since I’m on an exponentially rising curve of body temperature caused by Tableau Fever, I don’t have the answer for you at this time.  However, I can give you some sage advice.  To avoid Tableau Fever, don’t download the free public version and never try the desktop software! If you do, you will be infected with the Fever.  Good luck to you if you choose to take the chance of catching the Fever!

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