Using #Tableau to Evaluate the MMR CS-10 TCE Mass Removal History


Tableau is used to evaluate the Chemical Spill-10 TCE mass removal history from 1999 to 2007. The data in this example is real – actual mass removed at extraction wells was measured and a program known as HOME (history of modeling evaluations) was used to produce the data shown in this demonstration.

An example animation of cumulative mass removal is completed as well as a couple of dashboards to show the mass removal performance of any or all extractions wells.  The map shown below is a 3d wireframe of the CS-10 plume.  This was used to build a 3d concentration field for numerical simulation of the CS-10 flow, transport, and predicted remediation effectiveness.

A tableau packaged workbook is available for this demonstration by clicking here.

The training video for this application is available by clicking here.


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