#Tableau, Correlations and Scatter Plots


I frequently have to perform correlation analysis of large amounts of data.  The analysis might involve comparing sales from one store to another, or it might involve sales at the same store from one time period to another.



Figure 1 – An example scatter plot in Tableau.


In either case, I have to create a lot of scatter plots with their associated r-squared values (see Figure 1).

Video Tutorials

In this two-part video tutorial, I show what you can accomplish in Tableau using the tools currently available in the software.  In Part 2 of the video, I discuss a couple of features that I would like Tableau to add to their software to make the scatter plot production process easier, more complete and more robust.

Click to view Part 1 of Tableau, Correlations and Scatter Plots

Click to view Part 2 of Tableau, Correlations and Scatter Plots

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