My Life in Pictures

Taken in March 2008

Ken Black, taken in March 2008 while building our home on Nora’s Path



The technologies available today allow us to do some incredible things. Google is a leader in enabling us to share our lives with others. The program Picasa is amazing and continues to grow in its on-line album capabilities (now with auto synchronization), making Picasa one of my favorite programs of all time.

One of my goals is to produce photo albums that document this great life that I’ve had. This will take some time and work, but in the end, I think it will be worth it. If anyone is interested, you can learn more about my life by looking at my on-line Google photos albums. [Edit 2016] These are going to soon be published in 2016 and this article will be updated.

Final Thoughts

Many years have gone by since I originally wrote this article. Much has changed. Here are a few newer articles to read:

The Times of Our Lives (2016)

Google Photos is Very Powerful

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